Everyone has a preference of one kind or another. Sometimes those preferences are based solely on the dog breed itself. Other times it is based on the dog size or gender. For those people who love large breed dogs usually base that on the benefits of having a large breed dog. For those people who do not understand these benefits we wrote this is an article just for you!

Large breed dogs often intimidate people just base on the size of the dog itself. This if often not indicative of the dogs personality or nature. Many large breed dogs are loveable and caring. Many are also very gentle with smaller animals and children. There are countless videos online of large dogs like the German Shepherd playing with a tiny little kitten or a Boxer playing with a brand new puppy. They depict a big dog with a big heart and this is most generally the case with some large dog breeds. This is by far a great benefit of the big dog mentality. The size of the dog can intimidate those who do not know the dog which is just another benefit of the large breed dog. The sheer size of a large breed dog itself can prove to be a security device in and of itself. Many people who do not know the dog may feel instant intimidation to the dog just because it provokes a natural idea "a big dog is for protection." Single woman and men as well as many people who have a family have a large breed dog just to help protect the family. Many large breed dogs have been trained to be both a loving and protective element of the family. This is a great benefit of a large breed dog and a huge asset to the family as they normally are protective and loving.

There are many other benefits to owning a large breed dog such as they are often just like having an additional child or family member. Some woman going through the empty nest syndrome find that caring for a large breed dog takes the place of the older child that has recently left home. They play need cared for like a child as well as need lots of attention. They also have a tendency to take up a bit of room in the bed and this helps with the mom not feeling so "alone".

These are just a few of the great reasons or benefits to owning a large breed dog. As we research and find more benefits please feel free to check back with us to find more information about large dog breeds as well as other fun and insightful articles to come!