We have the pleasure of working with a phenomenal man. We may not speak with him each day but every time we speak with him he is a pleasure. Dan the owner of Sandyhill English Mastiffs in Indiana has been with The Puppy Planet for several years. He started with us through our beginning site United Online Breeders. He stuck with us through our growing pains and we felt it was time to give him props.

Sandyhill is currently our only English Mastiff dog breeder but when you are working with one of the best you really find a hard time to find others that are comparable. Dan loves what he does and is dedicated to his family, business, and his dogs. Each and every dog he works with is held to a high standard and it shows. The English Mastiff puppies for sale on his site are directly lined with amazing dames and sires. Each puppy is cared for and loved to provide a great dog for your family. Why does he do it? Why does he spend so much time working with each puppy? Why does he socialize and expose each puppy to his grandchildren and family daily? It is simply to provide his dogs and puppies the building blocks they need to be a perfect addition to your family! His dedication to the puppies he has shows a dedication not seen in many these days. Puppies take lots of attention and care before they are ready to go to their new homes. He does not waiver and looks right into the eyes of each of these puppies making a promise to them that he will care for them. He is amazing. Thank you Dan for your dedication to these great English Mastiff puppies!