Unlike a cat  dog and a puppy require protein. What amount of protein is the question? For a dog to thrive the must have protein in their diet. Dogs need to have protein to be healthy and happy. Dogs need protein in their diet and can tolerate up to 30% protein in their food source. 
Dogs process the protein from many different sources. Salmon, Duck, Buffalo, Beef and Chicken just to name a few. All these sources are perfect types of protein for your dog to consume. Every dog is different and some dogs require specific types of protein due to allergies or diet restrictions. Speak to your veterinarian if your dog is displaying any type of food allergy.
There are many great sources that provide you with specific information regarding protein, protein in our dogs diet, protein percentages and more. Our recommendation is research the company before you determine if the high protein dog food you choose is the right dog food for you and your pet.