Every dog lover is created with the adoption or purchase of their new puppy. The fact behind bringing a new puppy home really is determined by you and no one else. Making that determination is the hard part. Is it the right time? Do I have the time to dedicate to training? These questions are common and should all be addressed before making the decision for your family. 
In this article we are going to focus directly on question "Is it the right time?" Timing is the most important part of bringing home a new puppy or dog. If the timing is not right for your family then everyone in the household (including the puppy) will be unhappy. Every a new puppy or dog is brought home at the wrong time in life then the puppy can create such stress that the family decides "this dog was just not a good fit with our family. This creates a very unsafe environment and in many cases these puppies are shipped off to someone else. If the puppy or dog has not been trained the troubles will follow the puppy and create a home swapping cycle and the dog never finds a forever home. 
If you want to help prevent a crazy cycle of home swapping take a few minutes to think about these three aspects of bringing home a puppy. 
Number one: Does everyone in the family agree to getting a puppy? 
In most cases children want a puppy and the parents of the children have to determine if this is a responsibility they accept. If everyone in the household is not sold on the idea then it is not time to get a puppy. If everyone is on the same page then the process of determining which dog breed would be best for the family. 
Number Two: What dog breed will work with my families structure?
The old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" never has been so right.Just because you like a dog breed, or the size, and or gender does not mean that dog will fit into your home. For example if you are not into walking miles a day with an active dog breed then that is not a good match. This also means that it is not time to get a puppy or dog instead it is time to research your options. After you determine the dog breed that will fit in your life you now need to focus on the amount of time you have for a new pet. 
Number Three: So everyone in the house agrees on a puppy and you have found the right kind of dog based on your family now its time to determine how much time you have to dedicate to the responsibility of having a dog. A new pet of any kind requires you to have lots of time for training, playing, and care. If you are not free to work with the puppy it can make for a hard process of training. 
After considering all these factors you will be able to determine if it really is time to bring a new puppy into your home. Take the time now to determine if you want to search through countless puppies for sale ads looking for that new dog and you should successfully find the right dog at the right time. Most cases of house swapping start before the puppy comes home just because the new owner was not aware of all the responsibilities.