The age old question of which dog breed is right for me is one that EVERYONE that is a dog lover struggles with when purchasing a dog. Many dog people go with a dog they "had when they were young". This is not necessarily the best way to determine which dog breed should be a part of your life. 

These three steps will help you get started in the right direction. It is best to determine what kind of dog will fit into your life before you decide to bring them home. This will help with insuring that the puppy you bring home stays with you for his or her life. Keeping a puppy from the day they come home is the best goal for both you and the dog. 

The first step is to know what kind of life you live. Some people are active, some are busy, some other are sedentary. It will make for a very unhappy home if you are a stay at home person and you bring home a dog that is energetic and needs to be on the go. Having a dog that fits your life will help both you and the dog be happy and enjoy your time together. There are dog breeds for every kind life-style. 

Step two is to know what type of dog you are getting. Understand the dog breed, its temperament, his or her personality and quirks are a must. Working with a dog that you understand will help your home be happier as well. If you have a home that is "loud" and has lots of activities going all at one time and you bring home a dog that is scared of loud noise again, you will both be very unhappy. Spend time with the dog you want before he or she comes home as much as possible so you know how he or she withstands the life you have at home. If you cannot visit with the dog in person get to know the person that has the puppy. Finding puppies for sale online can be a struggle when developing a relationship with the dog breeder. Speak with them and ask questions so you can build a relationship with them. This will help you get to know your next new pet. 

Step three is simple and should be done until you have built a strong relationship with your new dog. Spend time with him or her everyday! Talk to them as if they are a child. Communication to the dog will assist you both in developing a connection that will create a long lasting relationship.